What is aromatherapy? (And what it isn’t!)

As an aromatherapist, one of our biggest responsibilities is educating people on the safe use of essential oils. That education can range from questions about the best way to use a particular oil to the complexities of the chemistry behind an essential oil’s therapeutic uses. Sometimes the question is simply, what IS aromatherapy?

The simple answer is that aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit.

Aromatherapy is both a science, and an art. Aromatherapists learn about the scientific aspects of the plants and oils they use through their formal education. They learn how their properties work together synergistically in a blend to help provide support for a variety of health & wellness issues. Typically, aromatherapy is done topically by diluting essential oils in a carrier oil and via inhalation using diffuser blends or aromatic inhalers. Internal use should only be done under the guidance of a qualified and experienced health care professional. You can learn more about how essential oils work & safe use here.

Aromatherapy can help provide physical, mental, and emotional support in conjunction with traditional medical care and other holistic modalities. Research studies have shown that essential oils can help support a wide variety of health concerns. Ranging from infections, pain, anxiety, depression, PMS, nausea, and more, the research is there, but we still need more of it.

Well, if that’s what aromatherapy IS, what is it NOT?

Aromatherapy is great for support & using in conjunction with traditional healthcare. It is not used to treat, cure, or prevent health issues, nor can an aromatherapist diagnose you (unless they’re a qualified healthcare provider such as a naturopath or doctor).

For an example, aromatherapy will not cure your cancer (scientists are studying the anticancer properties of essential oils though – you can read one such study here). However, it can be used to help support the side effects you may experience during chemotherapy and other treatments such as anxiety, nausea, or physical discomfort. In fact, one of our AromatiCare Kits is focused entirely on cancer support.

Aromatherapy sounds amazing!

It is! Aromatherapy is an amazing holistic way to help support your health & wellness. Whether you opt to learn how to create your own essential oil blends, purchase pre-made aromatherapy products, or decide to reach out to an aromatherapist for a consultation, you can begin supporting your mind, body, & soul with essential oils.

Are you ready to get started using aromatherapy to help support your wellness goals? If you don’t want to jump in to making your own blends right away, check out our Aromatherapy Wellness line or schedule an aromatherapy consultation for a personalized, one on one first step into your aromatherapy journey.

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Hi! I’m Melissa Murray, a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, & holistic health practitioner & founder of Airmid Holistics, LLC! I hold an Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice, & a Diploma in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. I’ve used aromatherapy personally & professionally for over a decade & began to seriously pursue my formal education in holistic medicine after my military career ended abruptly due to an injury. I want to help people learn how to achieve their health & wellness goals with aromatherapy support & educate them on the safe use of essential oils.

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