Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

It’s citrusy, sweet, with a spicy floral tone and it is one of the best essential oils for using during times of stress. Bergamot Citrus bergamia comes from cold pressing the peel of the fruit on the bergamot orange tree. It has a bright scent that can help to boost mood and aid in soothingContinue reading “Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)”

Diffusing essential oils

Using a diffuser is one of the easiest ways to utilize essential oils for aromatherapy. You can also get a chance to use the essential oils that are less safe for frequent topical use but extremely beneficial aromatically like clove and cinnamon. When diffusing essential oils there are two methods you can use: a passiveContinue reading “Diffusing essential oils”

Using essential oils safely

A lot of people new to using essential oils may ask, is aromatherapy safe? Aromatherapy is generally considered safe when done properly. There are two main ways you’ll use essential oils: topically & through inhalation. We go into more detail about these methods here & also discuss how each method works differently in the body.Continue reading “Using essential oils safely”